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Publishing your years of experience for the world to read as written content will benefit the up-coming leaders and innovators of your industry. At the same time, it will deliver you the recognition of an industry expert, which you rightfully deserve. Our article writers for hire are always available to serve your noble cause and help you change your industry for the better. So make your move and hire quality article-writing services now.

Hire Article Writers for Fast and SEO Optimized Content

  • Your content will be available 24/7 for the world to read
  • Monetization opportunity through Google AdSense
  • Repurposing your content for social media and marketing
  • Brand recognition throughout the internet with content marketing
  • Reasonable pricing, quick delivery, and quality work at your service

Every author or industry expert has some valuable experience that the world or the new comers of that respective industry can benefit from. This knowledge can be preserved for future generations to benefit from by publishing it online. As an industry expert, you can hire SEO article writers from us and ensure that your knowledge is within the reach of the public through the Google search engine.

Writing articles that are 1 to 5 minutes a read for your audience is one of the most effective content marketing strategies. The articles must be expertly researched and written with clear, easy-to-understand information. If an author or an industry expert is able to achieve these necessary properties, they will very soon have a branded web platform.
On their branded website, they can engage with their targeted audience and deliver their nuggets of expert-level information. Developing a platform like this can take up to years, but with the help of the best article-writing company in the USA, this will be a matter of weeks.
When we offer book writing services for authors and industry leaders, we have additional add-ons for website design and article writing. When you get our services as add-ons, you can get extra discounts and more value on our already very affordable services.

Pricing for Article Writing Services

Our services are available to everyone. Whether you are an expert, professional or an aspiring writer, we only deliver focused-services to deliver outcome-based results.

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3 Articles 800 words each

  • Professionally researched
  • 100% original content
  • SEO copywriting
  • 5 keywords per article
  • 2 outbound links in text
  • Web formatted
  • 1 stock image per article
  • Proofread and ready to publish
  • 3 revisions per article
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5 Articles 1000 words each - 15% off

  • Professionally researched
  • 100% original content
  • SEO copywriting
  • Keyword research
  • Competitor research
  • Up to 7 keywords per article
  • 2 outbound links in text
  • Web formatted
  • 2 stock images per article
  • Proofread and ready to publish
  • 3 revisions per article
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10 Articles 1000 words each - 20% off

  • Professionally researched
  • 100% original content
  • SEO copywriting
  • Meta title and description
  • Keyword research
  • Keyword density
  • Competitor research
  • Up to 10 keywords per article
  • 3 outbound links in text
  • Web formatted
  • 2 stock images per article
  • Proofread and ready to publish
  • 3 revisions per article
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Our Portfolio

We have published many books, but we have also helped the authors of these books to establish their brands. Through article writing and content marketing, these authors are now icons on the internet. Have a look at the clients we have worked for.

Improve Your Website’s Conversion Rate with SEO-Friendly Articles

Our SEO article writing services will improve your ranking on the Google search engine, which in return increases your website traffic. However, our expertly written articles will not only bring people to your website but will also persuade them to convert into customers. Even after delivering such expert services, our ghostwriters , editors, and designers will never lay claim to any of the work we do for you unless you give us credit yourself.

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How Does Our Service Work?

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When we write articles for our clients, we make sure that the content is well-researched, persuasive, thoroughly edited, and proofread to perfection. Our work reflects quality, and the quality produces results that are necessary for your goals.

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Content marketing is only success when executed with consistency. You must have a routine of publishing regularly in a fixed cycle. You can set your own publishing time and frequency. Our article producers will deliver consistent and effective content

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Whatever we do is not enough unless it is to your liking. Therefore, we make sure that our authors get the best of what we have to offer. We allow you to request multiple reviews of the same project and make sure that you get exactly what you want.

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Timing is key when it comes to publishing articles consistently. It is vital that your articles are public on the schedule we have set for your brand. Therefore, we take extra care and automate your article publishing to ensure your articles are never late..

Hire an Article Writer to Get Exceptional Online Reach on Search Engines

You will need the assistance of the best article writers for hire if you want to improve your Google rankings and visibility. Now is the time to grow with content marketing.

Professional Book Writing Services

Why Choose Us?

We believe in quality over quantity and for such reason, we ensure to fulfill the following commitments towards our clients;


We keep your feasibility as our utmost priority and offer rates that match your budget.


At the book writing bureau, we guarantee to guard every confidential information of our clients.

Authentic Research

Our writers perform a detailed and extensive research to understand your book and to ensure that the work is authentic.


You are the sole owner of your book and the profit you earn from it. We don’t charge any royalty commissions

Qualified Experts

Every work of our client is catered by an experienced professional to ensure that the work is perfect


Poor quality and late delivery of services is something that puts customers off, and we would never want to let our customers down. We always deliver on time and with consistency!


The hire the quality and expectation you have for an article; the hire it will cost. Delivering content that is effective in delivering your message, engaging to the targeted audience, and persuasive enough to covert traffic to customers is no easy task. It takes time, research, planning, editing, and precision to pull-off such exceptional content. However, when you work with BWB, we can deliver such quality content in bulk within days. Since we are experienced experts in delivering such effective work, we offer our services at very economical prices. We want to benefit our clients with our expertise just like our clients aim to benefit their audience. Therefore, we have kept our prices to the bare necessity.

The main concern is time. As an author or an industry expert, you need to do your own research and learn to produce content that is helpful to your audience. While you research and discover new information, you may often find yourself struggling to make time to put your thoughts to paper. That’s where our expert SEO writers come to the rescue. When working with our writers, you have the opportunity to keep learning, keep discovering, and keep producing helpful content while never struggling with deadlines, as we got them covered.

The length of your article depends on your intention and the knowledge you want to share with your audience. Articles can range from 300 words to 6000 words. We have such a broad range for word count because your initial intention determines how long the article will be.

Here are some types of articles and their respective word count in the industry. Note these word counts are never fixed, but these are only some common estimates usually seen in the following types of articles:

  • Announcement Article (300 to 500 words per article)
  • How-To Articles (800 to 3000 words per article)
  • Manuals and Descriptive Articles (1000 to 5000 words per article)
  • Persuasive or Marketing Articles (500 to 1000 words per article)

There are many more factors that may affect the word count of your articles. No two articles have the same word count. Luckily for our clients, we give a fixed price on our article writing service. Therefore, the word count is now irrelevant.

SEO articles are like a way to deliver free content and advice to your targeted audience. With content marketing, you can establish authority in your industry and ensure that your audience knows that you are the expert they need. Articles are the best option for value creation. Once you have a knowledge base with a persuasive tune, you will have people voluntarily visiting your website and rapidly converting to customers

Using a cheap article-writing service will be detrimental to your website's content because bad content is bad marketing. Since this revolution of A.I., Google has started a crackdown on content generated with A.I. Google algorithm updates like Google Bark and more have badly impacted website that were continually producing content with A. I tools. However, the authors and thought leaders who work with us have a huge advantage. They work with a premium agency that only employs human article writers and offer you extremely affordable rates. You can get expert-level quality, plagiarism-free content, and cheap prices at the same time.

Every article has a different word count and takes a different amount of time for research, editing, proofreading, and other important factors. All these important factors affect the cost of each article to be different. Your requirements are also very significant in this matter, so if you could share your requirements with us, we can send you a quote for your article writing. If you want to produce content in bulk, we can also give you a significant discount as well.

An article is not a piece of content for entertainment or fun. It is a significant, formal, and professional piece of content. While writing an article, you cannot be careless, as it is supposed to inspire action. When an article with incorrect information inspires action, the action is incorrect as well. To ensure your content is beneficial instead of being contradictory, you must give it the effort your audience deserves. Here are some things you must avoid while writing an article:

Improper Research: Don’t just find facts and rewrite them; also, make sure that those facts are correct. Go into depth to find information that is not widely available.

• Lacking Clear Meaning: Never leave your article on vague and incomplete information. Your audience will not revisit your website if the information does not help them completely.

• Not Refining Your Content: Every piece of content needs refinement. Without proofreading and editing, your content will not become appealing to your reader base.

• Plagiarized Content: Never use content written by someone else, and rewrite it in your own words. People may not be able to identify plagiarism, but Google’s algorithm can catch it easily. Plagiarizing will only harm your project.

• Adding Opinions: You cannot add your opinions to your articles. Articles are different from blogs, and they only contain factual, proven information or information under discussion.

Avoiding these mistakes can improve the readability and visibility of your article. Improving upon the above-mentioned aspects of your content will ensure that your web traffic is increased and more visitors convert into customers.

Our Best Article Writers Can Be at Your Service Just Like They Were for Our Previous Clients

As our pleased clients have worked with our best article writers, you can benefit just like them too. Great service is only possible due to the dedication of our skilled team.

Hope For The Hopeless Horse

Terry Smith

"The quality of the articles written for me by the team has surpassed my expectations. The information was accurate, well-searched, engaging, and provided with authority."

Reality Bites

Jenny Stains

"The cheap article writers at Book Writing Bureau are quite competent, which I much appreciate. They thoroughly understood my problem related to articles and blogs and shared well-curated content. "

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Sara Carter

"In terms of substance, Book Writing Bureau was a great partner for all of my needs. They demonstrated their knowledge of the topic and provided the content I was looking forward to receiving! "

The Survivors

Monica Turner

‘Book Writing Bureau's strong strength is article writing. The writers generated novel concepts and paid meticulous attention to detail. The finished result was fantastic.’

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Suraj Patel

‘As a business owner, Book Writing Bureau supplied me with the high-quality content I needed. Well-written and researched quality was delivered in the form of articles.’

You Have the Chance to Work with the Best Article Writing Company

Book Writing Bureau provides the most dependable article-writing services on the market today. Enlist the aid of our expert writers to achieve outstanding results for your business or personal needs.

  1. Free Consultations

    You may rely on our skilled team for free support. We’ll study your requirements, produce new ideas, and identify the most effective ways to lead the competition.

  2. Industry Research

    Our writers do significant research on your subject to guarantee that the material we create for you is authoritative, relevant, and well-researched. This distinguishes your content from the sea of information currently accessible online.

  3. Analyzing Author Style

    The manner in which you construct your messages is closely scrutinized. Whether you like formal, informal, or technical writing, we'll match you with a writer who is the right fit for your style.

  4. Article Writing

    Professionally produced articles can help you increase brand recognition and reader engagement. Our professional writers can produce interesting writing on any subject.

  5. Editing and Proofreading

    With our assistance, your work will be polished to perfection and ready to make an impact on its intended audience.

  6. Client Approval

    We are concerned about your happiness. It is critical to evaluate and approve work in progress to ensure that the final result surpasses your expectations and is in accordance with your vision.

  7. Anonymous Publishing

    All the articles are ghostwritten. Along with affordable article writing services, we can also help you distribute your content among your global audience through organic and paid marketing strategies.

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