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We narrate stories, education, emotion, fiction, and everything that you can share with written words. Our voice actors can improve every written content with spoken words. Our expert narrators have worked for authors across the world and have delivered upon their expectations with flying colors.

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Making things better is what we aim to do, and our audiobook company is what makes it happen. Your literature will become an audio that will reflect your emotions, lessons, and intentions upon the listeners with our thought-provoking voices.

We promote audiobooks with our high-performing audiobook marketing services

eBook Revisions


Our narrators are willing to participate in multiple takes until the clients are satisfied.

We assure 100% ebook originality


Not one chapter will be published until you confirm that the project is to your liking.

All copyrights for original bookwritten work transferred to you


Our writers and publishers take no stake in your project. You get 100% rights and revenue.

extensively researched ebook content


Research is the backbone of content, and we keep ourselves up to date with every industry.

Affordable Audiobooks Price

Many narrators and voice-over artists charge dollars per word. On the other hand, BWB gives the opportunity to hire our comprehensive services and support at a fraction of the cost. Achieve excellence at a good price!

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  • High quality audio book with thrilling and engaging sound effects.
  • Lacking any malfunctions or glitches.
  • Collaborative work of our team and client.
  • Prices are subject to change, depending on the duration and use of sound effects.
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We have experts from every genre and every industry. We do not only create an audiobook; instead, we create an immersive experience that delivers every emotion and sentiment right at the point.

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    Action & Adventure

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    Children & Teens

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Our Award Winning Narrations

Our clients are simply happy because they received what they were looking for. Here’s a small proof of that.

We have Converted 500 Audiobooks into Auditory Masterpieces

Whether you need eBook writers or audiobook narrators, you have come to the right website.

Perfectly formatted books

Crystal clear voice to ensure attraction and attention.

Our ebooks are compatible with every smart device

Audio format that is compatible with all devices.

Our customers have witnessed prominent sales and profit

Audiobook marketing with social media content.

Unlimited edits

Limitless edits until the author is satisfied.

Free amazingly designed ebook covers

Audiobook thumbnail design to hook at a glance.

Every book is delivered on-time.

Audiobook thumbnail design to hook at a glance.

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Those who take action are the ones who win first place. Therefore, take action now and save up to $500 on your first order for the audiobook service.

Professional Book Writing Services

Why Choose Us?

We believe in quality over quantity and for such reason, we ensure to fulfill the following commitments towards our clients;


We keep your feasibility as our utmost priority and offer rates that match your budget.


At the book writing bureau, we guarantee to guard every confidential information of our clients.

Authentic Research

Our writers perform a detailed and extensive research to understand your book and to ensure that the work is authentic.


You are the sole owner of your book and the profit you earn from it. We don’t charge any royalty commissions

Qualified Experts

Every work of our client is catered by an experienced professional to ensure that the work is perfect


Poor quality and late delivery of services is something that puts customers off, and we would never want to let our customers down. We always deliver on time and with consistency!


Audiobooks are just audio files like songs. They will work with any audio and video player. You can listen to audiobooks through your phone, PC, laptop, tab, or even in your car with the multimedia player.

The easiest device for listening to audiobooks is your smartphone. You can use any headphones or TWS earbuds to listen to audiobooks while going about your everyday life. You can listen to audiobooks in the shower, in the car, while working out, while eating, or even while cooking.

There are multiple platforms where you can listen to audiobooks for free. Mainly it is up to the author to make his book available for free or not. Many authors just publish their books on YouTube and Spotify for people to benefit from. This freemium business model allows the authors to gain international fame and a global audience. This business model, if used with expert precision, can bring you more profit than any other business model.

Estimating the cost of an audiobook is even more difficult because now the matter is not of written words but of speech. Audiobooks cost is calculated Per Hour Finished (PFH). Additionally, the factor of speech speed and background voices also make a huge difference. In case music is added to the audiobook, that will cost further more. If you need a quote for your audiobook, you can request a quote by clicking here.

Our process of creating an audiobook is fairly simple and straightforward. Here are the steps as follows: -

Free Consultation: Once you contact us, our expert consultant will connect with you via your preferred method of communication. They will guide you expertly on how our audiobook production company will benefit your project.

Pre-Production: Every dialog, expression, and event is carefully planned. Auditions are taken to ensure that the right person plays the right part.

Script Adaptation: The script is adapted to be suitable for audio production. Every instance that cannot be adapted to voice is either removed or modified.

Recording and Editing: The recording process begins according to the pre-production plan. Next, the audio quality is refined, and background voices or music is added.

Quality Assurance and Reviews: The audio is refined to the max and then sent for review by the client. If the client wants something changed, it is done without question.

Approval and Marketing: Once the project contents are approved by the client, we start the marketing campaign by using bits of your audio material. We create an attention-grabbing trailer with small voice clips from your audio and make sure that your audience hears them.

Publication: Once you collect enough pre-launch bookings, it is time to launch the audiobook by publishing it on all the available audiobook listening platforms.

If you own the source material of the audiobook, then you do not need any license to convert it to an audiobook. However, you will need a copyright license from the owner of every other third-party written or audio content that you use. The same is true if you are producing an audiobook from source material owned by someone else. You will need a copyright license from the current owner if you wish to publish and distribute your audiobook commercially.

If you have produced an audiobook that is life-changing and has the potential to go viral on the internet, you are set for monetary wealth. Book sales and sponsorship deals are the most common ways to monetize your audiobook. Some books are timeless, and they are now paying continuous royalties to the authors. Some families of the authors are still benefiting from their books, even though the authors have long since passed on.

This depends on the initial agreement between the owner of the book and the narrators they employ. Sometimes, authors do pay royalties to narrators, and sometimes, they only pay a one-time fee. We can only say for certain about ourselves that our narrators do not require any royalties from the author because we only charge our initial fees.

Hire a Cheap Audiobook Service with Zero Compromise on Quality

Book Writing Bureau can show you how to create a podcast on a budget. Our cheap audiobook service is more affordable than our competitors but with zero sacrifice on sound quality.

Hope For The Hopeless Horse

Semis Jane

"I wholeheartedly endorse Book Writing Bureau's audiobook services. My book came to life because of how easily they read and how clear the audio is."

Reality Bites

Harper Michael

"Book Writing Bureau offers great audio book service. The narrator's ability to catch every detail of emotion astounds me. Literature enthusiasts should hire them."

bradley schneller

Britney Clair

"Well done, Book Writing Bureau! Your services really surpassed my expectations. I am glad that I hired them to convert my book to an audiobook. The result is better than I expected."

The Survivors

Elmo Cruise

‘Book Writing Bureau is fantastic at piquing readers' interest! Their recordings are of high quality. Listening to my book became more pleasurable for me when the lines were interestingly spoken and well-timed.’

When We left Cuba

Sophia Garcia

‘Book Writing Bureau delivers excellent service. It has been my go-to resource for converting my fictional literature into audiobooks.’

Our Best Audiobook Services Are Exceptional Because We Follow a Proven Process

Book Writing Bureau provides unrivaled audiobook. Our tried-and-true process ensures professional voiceovers and a polished final product.

  1. Free Consultations

    We provide no-cost consultations to learn more about what you're looking for so that we can personalize our audiobook services to your individual needs.

  2. Manuscript Analysis

    Our professionals will completely analyze your work and make ideas for improvement to ensure that it meets the standards for audiobooks.

  3. Topic Research

    We put forth a lot of effort to improve, amuse, and benefit our listeners with our podcast material.

  4. Recording

    Our trained narrators will bring your story to life by masterfully recounting it.

  5. Voice Editing

    We employ the latest voice-capture technology to provide the greatest level of audio quality and clarity.

  6. Reviews and Revisions

    We invite you to assess and make changes based on your input in order to better serve you.

  7. Anonymous Delivery

    Your recording will be sent to you privately, and our work on the audiobook will not be mentioned until you allow us to mention it.

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