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Every project has a deadline and the need to be as perfect as possible. These two things are always in conflict because you can never achieve perfection, and time never stops. With reality working against you, your project needs some premium eBook editors for hire. Our writers never make a mistake. Therefore, our editors only have to improve upon what the writing team has produced.

Our eBook writing service can be combined with proofreading and editing services so that you get a completely finished project. This strategy will save you time and ensure smooth delivery.

When we write a project for a client from scratch, we always ensure to execute it flawlessly. However, when we receive a manuscript from a client that is finished and needs to be refined, that is where we get some real editing work on our hands. Our expert editors make sure that regardless of the condition of the project, they ensure proficiently improve the content to perfection as much as possible. Our services for eBook editing include the following:

  • When we write a project for a client from scratch, we always ensure to execute it flawlessly. However, when we receive a manuscript from a client that is finished and needs to be refined, that is where we get some real editing work on our hands. Our expert editors make sure that regardless of the condition of the project, they ensure proficiently improve the content to perfection as much as possible. Our services for eBook editing include the following:
  • Correcting inconsistencies and plot holes. Basically, correcting anything that would be contradictory to the book content.
  • Correcting inconsistencies and plot holes. Basically, correcting anything that would be contradictory to the book content.
  • Fact-checking information and correcting any point that conveys incorrect data.

Any mistake that is missed by the author or even our own writers will never escape the watchful eyes of our editors. Your project may come to us as a mess of alphabet soup, but we will deliver it as a full-course meal for your reader’s eyes.

Fast, Affordable, Professional eBook Proofreading Service

When it comes to editing services in the USA, per-word editing charges can get very expensive. Many authors take the time to edit their work themselves. Sometimes authors are biased when they edit their own work, and they also take too long. This delay takes them sometimes weeks and months behind their schedule.

Most authors who work with us never leave us because we deliver their work with quality near perfection. We do this with the least time spent and at the lowest rates in the market.

When an author approaches us, we give them a free quote for their work, and that is enough for them to hire us. Our rates are even lower than what our competitors charge for writing services. With such low rates for such premium service, why would authors choose anyone else but us?

You have a great opportunity to put your project on the fast track with our editing and proofreading services. The editing our experts do for our client’s projects has taken them to stardom success, and we can do the same for you.

Our Portfolio

We have edited books to improve their words. Those words improve people’s world views, which in return, improves the client’s sales. This simple cycle has led our clients to best-seller status, and you can be one of them.

Every Great eBook Needs a Professional Editor

Nothing can be made great on the first try. You have to try again and again, improving your craft with every attempt. This is the same for great books. Our editors refine your content until it is fully-compliant with industry standards and as per the liking of the niche-specific audience. Hire our editor experts to kick-start a journey of content enhancement, positive feedback, and perfection.

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How We Work with Authors for EBook Editing and Proofreading

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The process of editing is not only improving but a lot more than that. It is the process of including correct terminology, appropriate jargon, and words that would connect better with your targeted audience. The overall aim is to produce content that is more effective in achieving the goal of your book.

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The cost of a service is always a major concern for any project owner. Therefore, our packages give you max freedom to enjoy premium quality at affordable pricing.

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We may be editors, but we are not above criticism. Our clients have the right to criticize our work as much as they want. As an author, your book must first satisfy you and, later on, your audience. You can request multiple reviews of the projects until it is to your liking.

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We have made it our mission to never be off schedule. Every time a project starts, it needs to be completed at a certain date to achieve maximum applause from its audience.

Not Sure What Type of Editing and Proofreading is Right for Your Book?

Whichever type of upgrade your content needs, you will get the best possible results from our editors. Once you get our service, your projects will be on the path to perfection.

Professional Book Writing Services

Why Choose Us?

Our unique selling point is our project management skills. We have a track record of delivering projects on time since day one. Once we decide on the delivery date of your project, it gets delivered with all the formalities fulfilled.


When it comes to pricing, you will not find any other service with such affordable prices for such premium quality. Your project will be the next addition to our reputation. We will make sure that we give it our best and give you the best price for our service.


AtOnce we take your project for editing, we will remain anonymous and will not mention our involvement in it anywhere. We only add the project to our portfolio when an author publically gives us credit for the work we have done for them.


Our work is authentic because we do extensive research for every individual project. Once we get hired for a project, our R&D department is the first to get to work. They collect all the necessary facts, references, and key points for your project.


When we edit your project, the price of our service becomes the least of your worries. Our experts will improve your project to its most effective state at a fraction of the cost you would pay anywhere else. Our service is premium, but our pricing is economical.


This is your opportunity to get the support of industry experts. Our seasoned editors have delivered more best-sellers in their careers than many authors in their lifetime. Your project is about to be refined by the best of the best in the publishing industry.


As we are experts, we prove that to our clients by delivering them their projects on the agreed-upon time while maintaining the quality to top-notch levels. We have never delivered a project late and have never compromised on our quality.


Every project is one of a kind, and so is your project. The cost of editing for your project depends on many variables, such as:

  • • Cost per word/ Cost per line.
  • • Length of content/manuscript
  • • Number of Chapters
  • • Number of mistakes or necessary changes
  • • Depth of editing needed
  • • Time limit

If you have any other extra requirements, they will also have an effect on your project. If you need a quote for your project, you can contact us at any time and get a free quote from our consultants. Click here to get a free quote.

When you hire an eBook editor, you must be mindful of their track record. Have a look at their portfolio and make sure the projects they have are authentic. Research the authors and make sure those projects are selling well. Before hiring an eBook editor, you must do your due diligence, and that may take time. However, when you work with us, you have the luxury of saving valuable time. Our expert editors have produced multiple award-winning projects that you can view and verify from our portfolio. With us, you get premium support, the best quality, and fast delivery altogether.

When looking for a proofreader, you must analyze their work in and out. Have a look at their portfolio, pick any book in their proofreading portfolio and read it thoroughly. Check all grammar, spelling, and even the lingo used in the book to determine if their work is to your liking or not. We request you take a look at our proofreading portfolio as well. Our content is written with expert precision and utmost care. We work so hard to ensure our past, current, and future clients can trust us without a care in the world. Your content will be in the hands of professionals who believe in working on every project, as it will be the best project they will ever produce.

Yes, you can do that easily. There are many book editing services online like ours that will edit your manuscript for you. However, you will not find creative experience, extensive portfolio, and precision in any other company. Not to mention our pricing is extremely market competitive. We are the ideal editing and proofreading service you can find online. So, make your move now and set your literary masterpiece on the fast track to success.

Editing is a necessary service for any literary work. When you write something, it is always better to get a second opinion on the topic. Once you finish your manuscript, a second look at it will reveal points that can be improved, words that should be changed, and sentences that can be made more impactful. Authors hire our editors because they know that once we get through their manuscript, it will be a flawless piece of art that will be ready for publishing.

Just like money, the expenditure of time is also variable. Editing a 100-page book is not always the same. Multiple books with the same number of pages will have a different word count, sentence count, number of chapters, and quality of work. The time needed to refine a project according to all these factors can be different every time.

You can certainly self-publish your book, but you will have to edit it no matter what. Without editing, a book should not be published because it may not be up to the mark of the public eye, industry standards, and even media regulations. When the author edits their own work, they can be biased towards their own content. Strict criticism is necessary to refine a project till it reaches measurable improvements. Therefore, you better hire our expert editors to make sure that the work you publish is as refined as much as it can be.

Our Clients Always Get Flawless Results – Hire a Book Editor

Our online book editing service always meets our promise of quality, so our pleased customers keep coming back for more.

Hope For The Hopeless Horse

Danny Harper

"Book Writing Bureau offers top-notch editing and proofreading services. They took my rough draft and refined it to perfection. What more can I say? It was amazing!"

Reality Bites

Jody Stevens

"Book Writing Bureau should be praised for its expert proofreading and editing. They polished my manuscript and ensured that it was consistent throughout. What a wonderful result from them!"

bradley schneller

Donny Robert

"Book Writing Bureau's editors and proofreaders really surpassed my expectations. They made it impossible for me to make mistakes in my work. Outstanding work!"

The Survivors

Jenny Martinez

‘I definitely suggest Book Writing Bureau for editing and proofreading. Their effort enhanced my work to the point that it was suitable for publication. I appreciate the experience they've given me.’

When We left Cuba

Andrew Anderson

‘Book Writing Bureau's services were exceptionally far beyond my expectations. They utilized my voice while making some script adjustments. Excellent work!’

Exceptional Editing Services for Books and eBooks with A Simple Procedure

Googling “online book editor near me” is not necessary anymore! Excellent editing services for your book or eBook are available right here.

  1. Free Consultations

    Consult with professionals for free. Meeting with our team to discuss the demands of your book and how we can personalize our services to your vision is entirely free.

  2. Industry Research

    We evaluate industry trends and news, along with reader preferences, to improve the content with terms that will capture the attention of your target audience.

  3. Analyzing Author Style

    Specific vocabulary is written just for you and your writing style. Our staff will analyze your draft to understand what terminology you prefer to use.

  4. Editing and Proofreading

    The keys to a great final result are meticulous editing and proofreading. Your content will be cleaned up so the reader has a smooth time reading your book or eBook.

  5. Implementing Brand Voice

    It is critical to maintain consistency. We include your brand and author voice in the text to help buyers remember your brand and the values it provides.

  6. Client Approval

    We take your suggestions and implement them into our content to ensure that the end output is precisely what you were hoping for.

  7. Prompt Delivery

    We focus all our strengths and capabilities to deliver content as per your requirement and industry standards on our dedicated timeline.

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